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Rev. Sandra Kay’s mission is to awaken and transform individuals and groups by using my gift of Reading energies thru Healing Touch Sessions and Chakra Meditation Classes. In addition, Rev. Sandra Kay is also available for Life Ceremonies at your location.

Location: Center of the forehead, between the eyebrows.
Color: Indigo (dark blue)
Element: Light
Note: A
Functions: Vision. Vitalizes the lower brain (cerebellum) and central nervous system.
Glands – Organs: Pituitary gland (some sources say pineal gland), left eye, nose, ears.
Gems – Minerals: Lapis, azurite, sodalities, quartz crystal, sapphire.
Foods: Blue purple fruits and vegetables.
Qualities – Lessons: Soul realization, intuition, insight, imagination. Clairvoyance, concentration, peace of mind. Wisdom, devotion, perception beyond duality.
Negative Qualities: Lack of concentration, fear, cynicism, tension. Headaches, eye problems, bad dreams. Overly detached from the world.
* There are also powerful centers in the palm of each hand & on the sole of each foot.